What does an animation cost?

The cost of an animated video depends on several factors. The length, style, voice-over, and sound all play a role in the price of an animation video.

The costs of an animation

You want to have an animation video made. SKIPP can help you with that! But what is the price of an animation video?

It all depends on what you want to achieve with your animation video. The possibilities are endless!

And even though an animated video looks simple, there's still a lot involved.
That's why the cost of an animation video depends on several factors. What those factors are, we will gladly explain to you.

The longer, the higher the price of your animated video

Sounds pretty logical, right? However, you don't know in advance how long your animation video will be. That depends on the story you want to tell in your video.

Is the story very complex, and do you want to go deep into the subject? Or do you just want to highlight the subject briefly?

If your target audience is young, it's best to make a short video. Young people like fast content and are more likely to finish the video when it's short than when it's long. Older people like longer videos.

Do you want to post your video on your website or Facebook or Instagram? If you choose the latter two, your video should be short and sweet. If you place it on your website, the format may be longer. 


These factors also determine the cost of your animation:

  • One or more voice-over
  • Music and the surrender of rights
  • The use of actors
  • Subtitling and translating the animation
  • Video marketing to spread your animation

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This is why our customers choose SKIPP

Goal oriented

We deliver strong storytelling content and strategy. On schedule and within budget. The goal is to make it feasible and manageable.


We think along with you. We move with you. From your marketing strategy with always one eye on the ball.


SKIPP offers storytelling films, animations, design and extensive expertise in strategy and online marketing.

The style of the drawings in your animation video

What an animation video costs also depends on the style you choose. Do you prefer 2D or 3D? The price of a 3D animation video is generally higher than a 2D animation video.

It also matters whether the animations drawn in your video have to be very realistic or not. A completely drawn house costs more time (and therefore money) than just the outline.

Of course, you can also choose to use simplistic images instead of having the animations custom drawn.
Then the price of your animation video will be a lot cheaper.

A professionele voice-over

Wil je een video laten maken door SKIPP? Goede keuze! Waarom? Daarom:

  • Wij geven altijd een fixed price
  • Je video is vaak binnen 2-3 weken opgeleverd
  • We verspreiden je video met videomarketing
  • Wij hebben meer dan 12 jaar ervaring
  • Meer dan 2500 video’s opgeleverd waar klanten blij van werden
  • Je hebt altijd 1 vast aanspreekpunt
  • High-end apparatuur

Waarom SKIPP?

SKIPP is een full service Creative Video Agency. Al sinds 2005 brengen wij de marketing in beweging voor MKB, marktleiders en mooie merken. Niet voor de naam en de faam, maar omdat we elkaar begrijpen en tot een hoger niveau brengen.

Onze opdrachtgevers dagen ons uit en geven ons de ruimte om te excelleren. En wij gaan verder dan welke agency dan ook om hen een resultaat te leveren waarmee zij hoge ogen gooien.

Onze passie is verhalen vertellen en geloven dat het allemaal echt begint met geweldige creatieve content. Toegevoegde waarde realiseren is wat ons team drijft. Wij zijn geen urenfabriek: wij zijn bedenkers en makers.

A professional voice-over

In many animation videos, we use a voice-over. It clarifies the story and the images. 

If you choose a professional voice-over, the price of your animation video will be higher than if you hire your neighbor.

It does save a lot of stammering, and you can be sure that your message comes across well. And if your voice-over has to be in a different language, it is undoubtedly wise to choose a professional. Check out our page with the most-used native voice-overs.


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SKIPP is a full-service Creative Video Agency. Since 2005 we've been moving marketing for SMEs, market leaders, and great brands. Not for the name and fame, but because we understand each other and take it to the next level.

Our clients challenge us and give us room to excel. And we go further than any other agency to provide them with a result they can be proud of.

Our passion is storytelling, and believes it all starts with great creative content. Creating added value is what drives our team. We're creators and makers.

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"What characterizes SKIPP is the agility and the commitment to do good work.

Acting quickly and responding to our wishes, which is also reflected in the quality!”

Robert Keller

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“What stays with me is the feeling that a real effort was made to delve into our business.

And that the ideas that were subsequently written were completely in line. That worked very clearly and led to a really good end product.”

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