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Content is King, marketing is Queen.

Do you want to be found? Trusted and followed? Then you need to consistently offer content that connects to the world of the customer. 

SKIPP can bring your story into the picture like no other. But that’s not all. We help you get your new video or animation on the market. However good it may be, it's pointless if no one sees it. If you want, we bring your marketing into focus.

Content marketing

The use of an online video campaign is the most effective way to utilize your efforts. For this, we don't start with the creation of content, but with the development of a strategy. What is the purpose, who is the target audience and through which channels would you like to reach them? This requires a lot in terms of the production, but this is what enables it to become strong as a whole. Not just the means used, but also the commitment. Together we produce.

We plan:

We produce documented marketing strategies for content that achieve the results you are looking for.

We produce:

We create content that stands out in your industry, custom designed for your target market.

We promote:

We reach your target market with targeted promotion through owned- and paid media channels.

We improve:

We help our clients performance measure, analyze, report, and improve their content.

Our latest content marketing campaigns

Metakids campaign

Metakids campaign













This is how we work:

1. Briefing & brainstorm

We come by, discuss the information provided and ask detailed questions. The goal is to achieve clarity and consensus. Preferably all stakeholders are present during this brainstorm.

2. Debriefing

Point by point, we link back what we have understood in the form of a document. This is then customized using comments and corrections made by the client, ensuring guidelines for the creation.

3. Concept development & script

Based on the Debriefing, we develop a concept that properly established the message. This leads to a detailed script that puts text, image, sound and voice over on the timeline of the video or animation.

4. Production & first version

In close consultation, when it comes to video, we schedule crews, locations and days for shooting. We deliver a storyboard with the designs in 2D and 3D animation which can be animated once we get the go-ahead.

5. Revision & delivery

We adapt the first version after review by the client. This is followed by the second version that contains the corrections agreed upon. Small, last-minute corrections are of course still possible prior to final delivery.

6. Video marketing

Brands need a video marketing strategy.  This idea isn’t new. What has changed is how important video has become on every platform and channel. It’s no longer just one piece of your overall plan. Video needs to play a central role in your outreach and campaign efforts. Let us guide you. 


    “On time delivery, messaging skills, great visual output, great collaboration,

    hands-on mentality, quick turnaround, that’s what the guys from SKIPP
     bring to our rapidly expanding global business.”

    Rose Mensink
    Director Global Events & EMEA Marketing EnterpriseDB


    "What resonated with me was the feeling that there was a real effort to delve into our business.

    And that the ideas that were then developed were in line with our vision. 

    This worked very clearly and led to a really good end product."

    Jerry van Dorssen
    Managing Director Transus EDI




    "For us, you can summarize SKIPP in few key concepts:
    flexible, quick to action, good price/quality ratio 
    and informal in the best sense of the word!"

    Drs. Bernie Hermes
    Marketing Director VUmc Hospital



    “"SKIPP delivers highly professional quality. 
    One of the strongest points, I find, is working with a person that is involved in the process and visually responsible.  

    This combination creates something truly special for the client."

    Joost de Boer
    Managing Director Projects & Modifications Vector Maintenance


    "Involved, practical, an eye for quality, creative and also very friendly!

    That is why we enjoyed working with SKIPP.
    This high level of inventiveness also makes SKIPP very cost-efficient."

    Robbert-jan Knoppers
    Global Marketing & Communications lead Keykeg


    “"What characterizes SKIPP is the agility and the commitment
    to do a good job.

    Fast-acting and responsive to our wishes,
    this is reflected in the quality of the work!"

    Danny de Gier
    Marketing Director Willes Towers Watson

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